I’ve been back from Alaska for a little over a week now and am definitely keeping myself busy at work but am excited to share my travels and journey (and photos) with everyone! We did so much in the ten days that we were there that I can not possibly share everything we did but I will share my highlights from the week!

We went to Spenard Beach Park to watch float planes land and take off from the water which was amazing!


We drove / hiked to get a good view of Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America!

Me, Mom, Dad, & Thomas at Mt. McKenley

Me, Mom, Dad, & Thomas at Mt. McKinley

I loved the animals we got to see in Alaska including a caribou, moose (with babies), and even orange tailed squirrels. Not pictured, we also saw a black bear from a distance, lots of bald eagles, seals, otters, and whales!

image1-2During the week we stayed at a ski resort for a night and took the trolly car up the mountain to hike around a bit and play in the snow!


Me and my  brother after hiking up a bit of the mountain to find the snow!

Me and my brother after hiking up a bit of the mountain to find the snow!


One of my favorite things we did was we went on a 5-mile sea kayak trip, than hiked a little over 3 miles, than went whale watching for a few hours!

Kayaking and whales 'bubble feeding'! That was amazing to see!

Kayaking and whales ‘bubble feeding’! That was amazing to see!


On our way to Seward, Alaska, we stopped at a viewing area to get a good glimpse of the mountains and just so happened to see the train pass by!


Another one of my favorite parts of the trip was going to see Exit Glacier! We didn’t hike up to get super close to it but it was amazing to go see a glacier in Alaska!

Exit Glacier in the background!

Exit Glacier in the background!

This is just something cool to share! After the whale watching trip, I found this ‘Before I die I want to….’ board and my mom and I took turns writing our ‘before I die’ dreams. I wrote, “…run a half marathon in every state”!


I REALLY enjoyed Alaska and would suggest going for anyone! I didn’t realize that all of Alaska was pretty much mountains and I usually prefer the beach but these mountains were gorgeous and so beautiful! Keep an eye out for my Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon Race Recap coming soon!


I had a really nice and relaxing weekend… with a run added in there of course! Saturday I spend a majority of the day baking. I decided to be brave and bake two things at once! Now, if you know me at all you know that how ever long it says on the recipe it will take to bake or cook anything, it usually takes me about twice as long. I’m not good with directions, or following them for that matter. When I am in the kitchen I get bored with what I am SUPPOSE to do and start to do my own thing about half way through… yea, I know, there are directions for a reason! What I baked on Saturday turned out pretty good though!

Apple Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread


The directions said to ‘wisk’ and since I couldn’t find the wisk I used a fork. Note: Forks should not replace a wisk! This photo was taken after about 40 minutes of stirring with a fork. (This is what I mean when I say I can’t follow the directions, haha). Luckily my housemate got down the blender and we got that bad boy stirred up!

image (2)

Eventually it looked like this! Homemade dough with apple pieces and cinnamon in between each layer. It smelled SOOO good!!

image (3)

Than you cut the block in pieces and turn it on its side to place in the baking dish to get the ‘pull apart’ effect.

image (4)

Once it came out of the oven and got the glace on it this bad boy looked, and smelled, great! By this time it was about 11 o’clock at night and were so exhausted from baking all day so not too much of it got eaten right than, just little bits and pieces off the top. I have to honestly say that the outside of the loaf tasted a little dry while the inside tasted almost too moist. I’m not sure if I missed an ingredient or maybe didn’t bake it enough but either way it was still pretty good!

During the four hour bread baking time, probably while we were waiting an hour for the bread to rise, my housemates and I decided to make cupcakes!! OUR FAVORITE!! (I’m thankful I took a run BEFORE the baking, otherwise I would have never wanted to leave the house with all the sweet smells of sugary treats!) We have about four or five cupcake books full of recipes that we haven’t even touched thus far, and though we were trying to find a recipe where we had all the ingredients to bake one we decided to just go with my favorite kind… Funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing!

image (1)


They were so delicious! And yes, that is a Christmas cupcake wrapper. We still have heaps of holiday cupcake wrappers that we didn’t get around to using. Like I said before, I felt better about baking all these treats since I went for a run earlier in the day. I even wore the shirt my parents got me for Christmas!


That shirt was so perfect for the day! The whole weekend really. Believe it or not, I didn’t stop the kitchen festivities on Saturday! Sunday morning I woke up to make cinnamon roll waffles. “What are those?” you may ask. Simply cinnamon rolls put into the waffle maker than squeezed into waffles! I feel like part of me like this form of cinnamon rolls better than regular ones!

image (5)


Step one, simply place cinnamon rolls in waffle maker and press down.

image (6)

Step two, remove from waffle maker and cover in icing! Wa-la! These were delicious! A wonderful twist on cinnamon rolls! Now I feel like I have a lot of running to do this week after a very *sweet* weekend! :)


What’s your favorite thing to bake? Do you always follow the directions precisely? 

Ice Cream Deal

Have you ever heard of the saying…

This is exactly how I felt last night when my roommate and I went to the grocery store and saw a good deal for ice cream. We ended up leaving the store with FIVE containers of ice cream because that’s what the deal of the day was. It was cheaper in the long run… I just can’t imagine what we are going to do with FIVE containers of ice cream!

Good news is that it freezes well though, eh? 🙂

Saw this van in the town where I was working over the summer!

Complete with a ‘What Would Scooby Do?’ bumper sticker!


Summer camp has come and gone far to quickly… once again. This summer was specically hard for myself for many reasons. We had a new director at camp who had never worked for our council before and has never been a camp director before so they brought on some challenges but nothing we couldn’t work through. One, of the many, things that I learned this summer is that people don’t like change. I’ve known that for a long time (I can’t say much, I don’t like change myself) but this summer it really hit me that some are more open to it than others.

I found myself in a position this summer where I didn’t want to let some camp things go but at the same time I could see why it was being changed and I was open to watching camp evolve into a new beginning. I don’t belive anything will ever take away what camp means to me or the children that attend over the summer or even the memories that I have here. One of the toughest parts of me, and alot of other people, to accept is that camp isn’t going to be the same forever. Let’s face it though, if camp was the same forever there would be no point in returning to something you’ve already done year after year after year. Even the campers who come look for new things to do each summer while they are here. I suppose it’s just that comfort in what we know and fear is the change that gets to all of us.

I will admit, this summer was a hard one to get through. Each one of us had our individual challenges to get through but I believe one of the most important things is that we all made it through… together. And I have high hopes that each one of us learned something.

If you haven’t guessed the summer camp season has started which means I haven’t gotten around to updating this here blog in over a month! I feel like that always happens over the summer when I’m here at camp with super long days. Fortunetly I’ve found a bit of time today to write a quick update about some pretty exciting stuff that has been going on.

Today was Staff Appreciation Day for everyone who works through our Girl Scout Council so they had a bit of a event at one of our sister camps with all types of activities going on that we could partake in if we wanted. The agreement was that we would volunteer an hour or two of our time there to supervise or teach an activity than the rest of the day we could walk around and join in on the different things they had going on. I had my time off first thing so I headed straight for the climbing tower that they have at this camp (I would say it stands between 30 & 40 feet high). I’ve climbed it twice before; once when I was a camper and we took a day trip to this camp, where I only made it half way up, & another time when I was a CIT and again took a day trip to the tower where I made it all the way to the top. Both of those times I took the easy way up, there are three different ways you can go and each is a different difficulty. Ever since I volunteered to go to this sister camp for the day today I had planned on climbing the tower and of course going up the easy way. My plans changed when I got to the tower this afternoon and the only route to the top that was available when it was my turn to climb was the more difficult one. I wasn’t thrilled about it because I didn’t think I could make it to the top and I didn’t want to let myself down by not making it all the way up when I knew I have before, but I buckled myself in and started climbing the more difficult route up the tower because I figured it’s better to challenge myself when something new than to do something again that I already know I can do. One of my co-workers climbed before me and I saw her struggle a little bit (and she climbs on a more regular basis than myself) so I knew if she struggled I would definetly have a hard time.

I wanted to quit afew times because my nerves were getting the best of me and I was shaking so badly but I figured this was the only chance I would have at climbing the tower today, and probably for awhile, so I told myself to keep going. Plus it definetly helped that my co-worker and my boss were on the ground beneath me encouraging me to keep going. My boss even gave me step-by-step (literally) directions of where to put my feet afew times when I didn’t want to look down. People kept telling me that the beginning part was the hardest but I would have to say that the last bit was the hardest for me (that’s when those words of encouragement really came in handy… especially when they said they wouldn’t let me quit)! Long story short… I finally made it to the top and am really quite pleased of myself for doing so. I can’t remember the last time I was THIS proud of myself for doing something. This has definetly been a good pick-me-up for myself which I’ll hold onto for a long time!

Not too scared yet…

Going straight up that log may have been the worst part for me. I was so scared I didn’t even look down for the photo.

Got to the top!!!! 😀

After I climbed the tower, my co-worker and I made our way to the lake for our next hour of free time where we played on their water slide!! SOOOO FUN! We have a water trampoline at our camp which is fun but it was nice to do something else for a change. It was a bit hard to climb the blow up stairs to the top of the slide after just getting super out of breath from climbing the tower but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the slide. I must have gone on it six or seven times!

The rest of my day was spent at the lake helping people who wanted to canoe and kayak than lifeguarding at the water slide station. It was a super busy day but I’m glad to be at our own camp tonight so I can sleep in my own bed and hopefully sleep in a bit tomorrow before our next batch of kids come.


Cruise Catch Up

So as some of you know, and many of you don’t, I was on a cruise last week to South America. It was SOOOO much fun! So many adventures and all the different countries we went to! Here’s some of the highlights from the trip! Enjoy!

Our cruise boat - the Carnival Dream 🙂

THE FOOD (always seems to be a part of my blogs, hee hee):

I know how much some of you readers like my food post, so this one is for you! This was our first night on the cruise, a bit of tofu seered in steak sauce with some veggies! It was delicious!

Another dinner on the cruise. Stuffed pepper with rice, beans, and veggies. Didn't like the pepper part too much or the hint of spicyness (i guess is the word) that it put on the rice inside, but all together it was pretty good.

My BFF's shark she had as an appetizer one night for dinner. She said it tasted a bit like chicken... I took her word for it.

Rice & bean enchillada's I had one night for dinner. These were so good as well!

Eggplant Parmisian. Wasn't my favorite dish of the week but it was decent.


Stop One: Cozumel, Mexico!

There was a little garden in the middle of all the shops that we were roaming around in for awhile. It was really pretty!

Mexican Dancers

This restuarnt had swings at the bar that were facing the ocean!! What a great way to spend our afternoon!



Cave Tubing in Belize!! May have been my favorite part of the whole trip! Even got to see bats at the end of the second cave we floated through!

Different wines we tried at the wine tasting right before lunch. (Mango wine, pineapple wine, sorrel wine, cashew wine --yes, cashew like the nut--, and one other that I seem to have forgotten.)

Our lunch we got after tubing. Rice & beans mixed together with cole slaw and plantains. Others also had chicken too (weather it was two-legged chicken or four-legged chicken --iguanna-- they didn't tell us...haha).


Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Hondorus

In the middle of all the shops in the port. I like this photo because you can see our cruise boat in the background. 🙂

On the chair lift on the way to a private-ish beach


Costa Maya, Mexico

Funny chaires!

In the swim up bar pool! 🙂 Very cool!

Mexican Dancers in the courtyard

Dolphins up close!!! 😀


That’s pretty much the highlights of my trip. It was so much fun! Now to sit down and scrapbook all these photos 🙂